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Core Values at The Heritage



This is a fast-moving industry where successful organisations are agile and move at pace. This requires a positive, can-do approach. We will be personally accountable for our actions, what we do and for on-time delivery. 

  • Do what you said and agreed that you’d do
  • Meet your deadlines and deliver on your promises
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Take responsibility for making things happen and for when they don’t
  • Be accountable for your role and your actions, and those of your team
  • Prioritize workload in line with business goals 
  • Keep pace and develop a sense of urgency


We will ensure that our guests get a consistently great service every time and at every touchpoint – by thinking about the guest in everything that we do.

  • We greet all our guests in a professional manner
  • Make eye contact and smile
  • Put the guest first, every time
  • Act urgently on guest promises, delivering on time or earlier
  • Before making any changes or decisions, ask ‘what will the impact be on our guest?’
  • Ensure everything you do makes life better for our guests & customers
  • Be courteous, efficient and adaptable to guest needs and requests
  • Spend time building great relationships so that you really understand what our guests want
  • Always treat guests at least as well as you would wish to be treated yourself


We will engage with our own people by treating everyone with dignity and respect. We will reward and recognise everyone’s contribution… and support and challenge their growth. To get respect, we must show respect. We will all treat each other with empathy, honesty, and integrity.

  • Be friendly and positive with each other
  • Treat our colleagues in a way that we ourselves would like to be treated
  • Speak in a tone that you yourself would find acceptable 
  • Be polite in all communications
  • Show respect and humility
  • Listen
  • Recognize and celebrate individual and team effort and give credit where its due
  • Be mindful of diversity and treat everyone with equal respect
  • Appreciate all abilities and experience brought to the business by all employees at all levels.
  • take care of the workplace and do your bit to keep it tidy and clean - pick up after yourself
  • Support each other by creating an encouraging, caring & supportive environment


We will collaborate across teams, to deliver, support and learn from each other. We will work cohesively as one team with one goal.

  • Take time to develop relationships, get to know your colleagues
  • Collaborate across departments, finding solutions together
  • Work as one team
  • Offer proactive support, don’t wait to be asked
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Participate actively in team meetings and calls
  • Notify the relevant parties of any changes
  • Consult others in advance, when appropriate
  • Celebrate success for all wins, big or small
  • Keep all communication clear, concise and on point.


We will continue to innovate and improve the quality of our services. We are always looking for new ideas to improve and lead the way. We will continue to be creative and think outside the box and remove complexity where  possible.

  • Always look for ways to improve the quality of our service
  • Continuously review business workflows to create a more efficient way to do things
  • Simplify processes
  • Be Innovative with new ideas, products, and services
  • Feel safe to try new things and push the boundaries of our thinking and put forward new ideas
  • Keep our fingers on the pulse of the marketplace and our eyes open to new possibilities
  • Be proactive, look out for opportunities to grow 
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